Greed takes you nowhere in the true sense

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Greed takes you nowhere in the true sense

Greed is a feeling of wanting more and more. Well, if you are a materialistic person and think I am too naive from the practicalities of life, then please don’t read further because I am here having a more spiritual and holistic view on the greed factor that is driving humankind crazy and insane for ages.

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It was the greed of Duryodhana in Mahabharat that he felt ONLY HE should be the king of his kingdom and he wasn’t able to tolerate his cousin brothers and neither willing to share his father’s property with them even though the five Pandavas also had their rights to their ancestral property. This led to the birth of jealousy, hatred, and revenge in the mind of Duryodhana and his 100 brothers, although his uncle Shakuni is to be blamed for putting oil to the fire that was already burning inside Duryodhana against his cousins Pandavas.

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Duryodhana just hadn’t much to do in his life except the goal of killing Pandavas, which led to the Kurukshetra war where endless people had to sacrifice their lives to give an example to the society that in the end, always the right wins over the evil. It was the greed of King Ravana in the form of pride and arrogance that he kidnapped Sita, wife of Lord Rama, which led Ravana to face the worst times of his life by getting killed by Rama despite being so knowledgeable and wealthier than Rama.

Duryodhana and Ravana are within and around us as well in the form of people and our negative reactions to various situations of our life. People who belong to the middle-class background in current times know the ordeal that their parents, grandparents had to go through for making their ends meet from the scratch. If today we have a house to live in, food to eat, and some savings in our bank, yet we find many among us who are just unhappy with their lives. 

Some feel being corrupt and hiding their true wealth will keep them safe and secure throughout their lives, which is obviously wrong. Some adopt various other illegal means like domestic violence, abusing wife and family, and doing unethical work to attain more wealth and this is the greed that doesn’t get them anything in life except for conflicting thoughts and dissatisfied relationships. Indeed, being greedy takes a man nowhere in an actual sense!

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