Fun-filled productive activities to do from your home sweet home

LifestyleFun-filled productive activities to do from your home sweet home


Fun-filled productive activities to do from your home sweet home

Social distancing and working from home or learning from home is the new norm of 2020. Coronavirus pandemic has shown us the new way of living, from home of course. So, you don’t have to travel for long hours to any place for work or enjoyment anymore. All you have to stay at home and save lives of people all over the world.

Here we present some fun activities that are productive as well to do from your home:

1) Be the creative best:
Remember we used to enjoy watercolouring, drawing, making crafts and doing embroidery work in our childhood days? It used to give us immense pleasure. But as days passed, we became busy with our academic work and all hobbies didn’t fit our schedule. But now is the time to relive your childhood hobbies and have fun without feeling guilty of wasting time.

2) Cook new recipes:
All at home would be bored eating dal chawal, roti sabzi, rasam rice, upma, sheera etc. How about learning a new recipe online and trying a new dish every alternate day? It may or may not come out well, but at least you had fun learning and trying something new.

3) Pray and meditate:
Busy city life never gave you time to sit and pray to God for a longer time. Now as you and your entire family is at home, you can recite prayers remembering your favourite God. If you have children, you can teach them new prayers and help them learn more about your culture. Practicing meditation by sitting idle and listening to devotional songs is also a good idea to keep the atmosphere at home cool and calm.

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