For Makeup Removal, Try this hack!

LifestyleFor Makeup Removal, Try this hack!


For Makeup Removal, Try this hack!

Makeup removal is difficult when you wear makeup for hours. It should be done correctly. Otherwise, it can damage your skin. So, for this, here is a simple hack with which you can remove heavy makeup easily. 

For Makeup Removal, Try this hack!
Image by kinkates from Pixabay 

Things you will need

  • A little bit of rose water 
  • Aloe vera gel in a separate bowl
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Water with which to wash your face


 –Clean your hands and then wash your face to make it damp.

–Mix the rose water, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil to become an even cleanser.

–Using your fingers, massage it gently on the face in circular motions so that it reaches every corner.

–When you notice it has removed the makeup and your face is looking clean, wash your hands again and then wash your face.

–Pat it dry — do not rub aggressively. Then apply a generous amount of moisturizing lotion.

This is a natural way of removing makeup along with dirt!

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