Do what your soul asks you to do and you will never be sad in life

Our soul is that part of our life or heart that always guides us to do the right. 
photo of heaven and soul
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Our soul is that part of our life or heart that always guides us to do the right. I will tell you a story about a woman who became so insecure in her life that she played endless mind games with her husband and son. One day her husband out of frustration passed away leaving her alone with her son. But this woman still didn't budge and continued to play mind games with her son only to realize one day that she was so wrong in doing all that she did with her caring and loving husband and son.

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Her insecurities in life came out of her feelings of loneliness and hopelessness in life. She had a bad past wherein she always found herself to be getting cheated on by her relatives and friends. But in the real sense, her friends and relatives always wished her well. However, this woman never understood the true meaning of love and affection. She was misguided by her own brain which made her believe that the world is a fraud and everyone is out there to take everything that she owns.

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This made her do all sorts of nonsense things with her husband wherein she would fall sick once every three months and increase the hospitalization bills, putting her son in major debt. Her main intention in life was to harm herself and get the attention of her immediate family members always. She lived in some other world where her ego and false pride made her think everything extreme and do all negative stuff. Being tolerant and good-natured people, this woman's husband and son supported her in any way they could. However, one day came in her husband's life when he realized that he cannot take it anymore and he passed away in sorrow.

This woman lived in extreme insecurity of being harmed by others and even thoughts of getting killed by strangers. She didn't even see how she was treating her son so harshly and without any attachments or feelings for him. The D-day came and she got a major heart attack. When she was hospitalized, she realized all the past hurts that she gave to others just because she wanted to satisfy her ego and false pride. She gave up her adamancy and returned back home after getting treated.

Initially, she complained of sleepless nights because one part of her brain didn't want to see her son happy and progressing in life. However, a small voice from her soul and her heart came to her to tell her to mend her ways. She didn't change overnight but decided to give up her ego and follow her soul. She started listening to her heart rather than believing in all the lies that her brain was telling her about her life and family. She followed her hobbies and started reciting bhajans and reading religious scriptures to get better clarity in life. Today, this woman has not definitely changed completely but some part of the time the day, she behaves well with her son and helps and encourages him to do well in his life. 

The moral of the story is: your brain will make you believe in all the dirt that is there in the world but your soul knows all the good, so just focus on what your soul says and do your karma, and you will be never sad ever.