Did you find out who is the true Guru in your life?

Guess who? It is your heart that guides you to do the right and think of the good. 
heart shape in a leaf
Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay

Well, I did. And it came with a lot of exploration and contemplation on who has been influencing my life all these years in a realistic way. And that is none other than MY HEART. When it comes to the word "Guru" or "Teacher", it usually happens that we look at the faces of our spiritual and academic teachers. We even bow down in front of our parents, elder siblings, elderly relatives, and well-wishers who come to our lives to shape our lives for the best. But there is someone who walks with you throughout your life.

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Guess who? It is your heart that guides you to do the right and think of the good. Whenever you stumble, you are taken care of by many people around you who want you to wake up and beat all the odds to succeed in life. But it is your heart that takes all the messages from others, stores them, and gives you feelings of happiness, pain, goodness, etc. Whenever we get confused a lot, many people come to us and tell us to do this and that, but it is our heart that knows it all and wants to do only the right thing that it feels.

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That's why it is said that you should listen to your heart during testing times. Because your heart doesn't calculate the wrongdoings of others because it is pure and knows only to do good and think of all the love and affection that you have been given all these years in your life. Your heart will never cheat you as it is like a child who knows to just go with the flow and not think much about future uncertainties. Our hearts are made of pure gold (not literally, but in the sense that there is no dirt stored in our hearts). Whenever we feel low in our life, it is our brain that cheats on us and makes us believe in all the lies that are spread all over the world.

We become cold-hearted or hard-hearted at times thinking that the world needs only cunning and selfish people. But when we look at the small kids and their innocence, we feel overjoyed and cry with happiness. It is because our heart has a child inside who still believes that goodness exists and no matter what, only good people will triumph over the bad or negative things. People are not good or bad but it is the situations that make them act so, so the Guru in us, that is our hearts, should always try to empathize with others' pain over ours so that we get a holistic view of life and take decisions accordingly.

Even if you have been cheated by money or by your openness, don't curse the other person who did the act. Try to show empathy and sympathy to that person (at least in your mind) and let things go. Forgiving and forgetting the hurtful past can only help you live with a clean heart and lead a beautiful life ahead.