Dehradun witnesses a unique Sun Halo

The social media platforms were flooded with rare pictures of Sun Halo. 

sun halo

On Sunday afternoon yesterday in Dehradun, a special rainbow-colored sun halo was noticed. It made the residents there click pictures and even record the breathtaking visual view on their smartphones. The social media platforms were flooded with rare pictures of Sun Halo. 


view of the sun and tree

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For the unaware, the sun halo, which is also called the 22-degree halo is a rainbow that comes around the sun or moon at a radius of almost 22 degrees. It happens because of the sunlight that refracts in millions of hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, as per the statement by Director Meteorological Centre Bikram Singh. 


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Many users on social media commented that sun halos are rare to see and they were spellbound by the beauty of the views that they could see due to the rainbow-colored sun halos. There were also several memes made on localities of Dehradun who were spotted uploading the photos on social media wherein other Twitter users mocked them saying to stop clicking the same photos and sharing over and again. 

However, experts on the other hand have advised people to be careful while clicking photos of sun halos. It is because when you directly look at the sun from your naked eyes or even click with the camera, it could affect your smartphone and even your precious eyes.