Why caring for others will give you more blessings in life?

 So, basically, human tendency is to remain dissatisfied with what they do not possess and this is the root cause of people's all types of suffering.
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If you ask me about the importance of wealth and health, I will upfront give you examples of my life where I have seen people having a lot of wealth not being happy about their health issues and on the other hand, people who are quite healthy unhappy about not having a crore rupees in their bank as they retire. So, basically, human tendency is to remain dissatisfied with what they do not possess and this is the root cause of people's all types of suffering.

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So, when I met Murli who is in his 40s and works as a private sector employee, he was found to be quite irritated with his life. One of the major concerns he always has is a lack of finances for his future. Murli doesn't share good relations with his wife and neither has a child of his own. This makes him feel always insecure in his life as his thoughts of old age always made him think that he will be left alone with not many finances in these growing inflation times that will only rise as years pass by.

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Murli is just like a common man who looks after his elderly parents who are in their 80s. Due to old age, Murli's parents are not friendly with others and are quite child-like, very adamant by nature, and dominant that they want certain stuff their way alone. This makes them lose out on all of the relatives who don't like to meet the elderly husband and wife because of their emotional and verbal abuse.

Murli's wife has low tolerance levels for emotional abuse so she doesn't have the capacity to imagine a bright future of having her own kid or kids considering Murli spends all the money he gets from his salary on his aged parents. In this scenario, Murli met another Murli who was in his 70s and lived alone as his wife just passed away recently and his kids were also not cooperating with him. 

The older Murli shared with the mid-aged Murli that in life, people will come and go and it is not that he will be left alone in the future if he takes care of his elderly parents. The older Murli shared his wisdom that he looked after 5 of his siblings' expenses till they attained office-going age, he looked after his elderly mom till she crossed her 90 and bid goodbye to the world, and he looked after the expenses of his two children and got them married off, he looked after the expenses of his wife who was a homemaker, he even looked after the expenses of his relatives who were in need of funds when they were hospitalized. So, the lesson he learned from his life is that money when shared with others who are in need will come back again in some other form when we are in need.

So instead of worrying about the healthcare expenses of elderly parents, the mid-aged Murli should focus on doing his responsibility with the utmost care, affection, and confidence that God will bless him with more health and wealth when the need arises and he is insured by God because he took care of his elderly parents selflessly. This opened the mid-aged Murli's eyes and he went back to performing his duties without any expectations and worries about his future.