Best ways to pray to Lord Hanuman

It is believed that Lord Hanuman waits to meet Lord Rama in every Yuga with utmost patience and devotion to God.
hanuman statue
Image from Pixabay

Lord Hanuman is one of the friendly Gods who is worshipped all over the world in this Kali Yuga. People say that Hanuman, the monkey-God doesn't believe that he is a Lord because for him, Lord Rama is the whole world and he considers himself to be a servant of Lord Rama throughout his lifetime and to date. Lord Hanuman really exists even in this Kaliyuga as per many scriptures. It is believed that Lord Hanuman waits to meet Lord Rama in every Yuga with utmost patience and devotion to God.

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Many astrologers believe that people who have been facing problems in their lives due to Shani Sade-saati must pray to Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays so that they are protected from the challenges in their lives. Others who are ardent followers of Lord Hanuman say that they experience the forms of Lord Hanuman in their lives in some or the other way. 

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People also make udit dal vada (also called medu wada) and make a mala out of it to offer to the photos or idols of Lord Hanuman in their homes or also in the temples every Tuesday or Saturday. There are also some devotees who write Rama Naam in their books or make a paper mala out of the same to offer to Lord Hanuman in whichever temple he is situated. 

Many people say that Lord Hanuman's prayers like Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Aarti, and even Naam Ramayan (that narrates the entire story of how Lord Rama was born till the end) are good bhajans to be recited in front of the photos or idols of Lord Hanuman. These prayers help to gain clarity in life and also get the required strength to deal with the various challenges of life.

Lord Hanuman is known to give strength and courage to devotees to fight all the odds in their lives and attain success. That's the reason people also advise keeping Lord Hanuman's small photo or wearing a bracelet or chain with Lord Hanuman's locket in it to get rid of unwanted fears and worries in a person's mind.

If you might have seen the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan which starred Salman Khan in the lead, you will know how Salman's character Pavan made him find Lord Hanuman even in the monkeys that he saw in the forest while trying to do a noble task of reuniting a deaf child with her family. It is how Lord Hanuman's devotees become when they keep chanting Hanuman Chalisa and also singing praises of Lord Rama.

You can pray to Lord Hanuman by even visiting Lord Rama temples because, in every Rama temple, there is surely a photo or idol or place dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman finds peace in singing praises and bhajans to Lord Rama and that's why he is always seen in photos and even in temples bowing down to Lord Rama as he considers him to be his Guru, role model, and everything. 

Reading Ramayana on a regular basis is also a form of praying to Lord Hanuman because he has played an important role in how Ramayana, the story of Rama has been developed.