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Anant Chaturdashi: Pompous Festival of Ganesh Visarjan Celebrated Today

Ganesh Chaturthi, one of Hinduism’s most auspicious holidays, falls in September this year. This year’s 10-day event started on September 10. Devotees bring home Lord Ganesh idols to worship God, enjoy wonderful food, spend time in family and with friends, and ultimately dive into the idols of the Vinayaka Chaturthi.

Temples also perform prayers and give delicacies like modaks, which are Lord Ganesh’s favorite. Lord Ganesh, the deity of knowledge and wealth, was born on this day. It is in August-September, the Hindu calendar of the month of Bhadrapada. Lord Ganesh is a Hindu god representing intelligence, writing, travel, trade, and good luck. Vighnaharta, Gajadanta, and Gajanana are some of his other names. Among his 108 different titles, these are just a handful.

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Goddess Parvati made Lord Ganesh out of a paste of sandalwood and ordered him to keep the entry while she was having a bath in Indian mythology. Lord Shiva arrived at the gate and informed Ganesh he wanted to see Goddess Parvati, but Ganesh refused to enter. This angered Lord Shiva, and he severed the child’s head. Goddess Parvati was devastated when she realized what had occurred.

Lord Shiva vowed to resurrect baby Ganesh after seeing Goddess Parvati’s anguish. He told his troops to go out and find the head of the first live thing they came across. But only the head of a baby elephant could be located. This is how Lord Ganesha was reborn with the elephant head.

Anant Chaturdashi

Anant Chaturdashi is the day on which worshippers wish Lord Ganesh goodbye by immersing the deity’s statues in local water bodies and requesting that he return the following year. These are the idols man keeps in his homes throughout the 10-day Mahotsav. One of the activities celebrating the end of the festival is to play religious tracks and dance to their beats in processions.

After the 10-day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is offered a deep goodbye with immersion (Ganesh visarjan), and Anant Chaturdashi puja is also done on this day. On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, devotees offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. Anant Chaturdashi is observed in the Shukla Paksh month of Bhadrapad. Anant Chaturdashi happens on September 19 this year. After worshipping Lord Vishnu, the 14-knot “Anant Sutra” is attached to the hand on this day.

The tale of Anant Chaturdashi is told while bathing and worshipping Lord Vishnu on the day of Anant Chaturdashi. Anant Sutra is formed by tying 14 holy knots with turmeric, kumkum, and saffron on a cotton thread. Lord Vishnu’s mantras Achutaya Namah, Anantaya Namah, and Govinday Namah are also offered after the Sutra is created. 

The ‘Anant Sutra,’ regarded Lord Vishnu’s Prasad or benediction, must be removed at night, placed away, and immersed the next day in a sacred river or lake. If the individual cannot immerse it the next day, the Anant Sutra must be worn for the next 14 days. If the Anant Sutra is not immersed after 14 days, the individual must wear the Sutra for the rest of the year and wait for the occasion to arise again.

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The adoration of Lord Vishnu with 14 knots is the most significant part of commemorating “Anant Chaturdashi.” The 14-knot thread is thought to represent Lord Vishnu’s 14 incarnations. The Anant Sutra is then attached to Lord Vishnu’s right hand as a Prasad. The Anant Sutra is said to protect a person from all types of evil forces and adversaries, and Lord Vishnu is said to preserve worshippers once the Anant Sutra is attached to the hand.

The Ganesh celebration is being held for the second year in a running under the shadow of the epidemic, with authorities putting severe restrictions on the immersion processions, typically a dazzling spectacle with enormous throngs of devotees in attendance.

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