Amazing gifts for your friends this Friendship Day 2022

So, why is Friendship Day celebrated in the country and globally as well? 
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International Day of Friendship is celebrated on 30th July 2022, i.e. today. In India, we have Friendship Day to be celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August month, and this year, it falls on the 7th of August 2022. So, why is Friendship Day celebrated in the country and globally as well? It is because friendship is a unique bond that we form with our non-blood relatives. Friends come as strangers in our lives, we start our relationship as friends only after knowing each other's likes and dislikes well. There are times when friends misunderstand us and leave us in the midway but they do come back to us if what we shared as a friendly bond remains true to them. So, as we are celebrating Friendship week from today till next Sunday, here we present some interesting gift ideas for your friends.

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1) Give a letter of friendship:

Many times we underestimate the power of letters because that has become too old-fashioned in modern times. However, if you think of sharing thoughts through a letter written with a pen on paper, you can really touch your friend's heart. You need to write meaningful words about how your friend has helped you overcome all the obstacles in your life in some or other form. You need to also mention how you think life would have been if your friend wasn't there with you during the good and bad times. Open up and share all your feelings and put them in words in your letter and see how heart-touching the letter would be as a gift to your friend this Friendship Day 2022.

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2) Book a movie ticket:

Many times we think that watching movies on OTT or any other smart device is enough rather than going to a theatre. But this Friendship Day, make sure you book some nice movie in a local theatre and encourage your friend to be a part of the movie experience in the theatre. You can laugh, shout, dance, and even whistle when your favorite hero or heroine makes an entry and you can do all these things with your lovely friend who will be all giggles with you no matter what.

3) Give him a ticket to spiritual knowledge:

Life becomes tough for many as it is a roller-coaster ride. Considering the pandemic times were too harsh on people, it would have been difficult for your friend too to manage things on his side. Instead of giving him lectures or advice that he may not be interested in, encourage him to get some spiritual knowledge through books or online courses or watching videos of spiritual leaders. A philosophical bent of mind is very much required when things become too much to handle, so get your friend on board with the spiritual talks or information so that he can manage his life on his own terms and overcome the issues in a steady manner.

Last but not the least, give him or her a good hug and a big smile so that he forgets all the worries and tensions that got created because of the distance that happened in the recent times.