Amazing facts about Gorillas that you wouldn’t know

LifestyleAmazing facts about Gorillas that you wouldn't know


Are you a fan of gorillas? Well, if not, then this piece of information will be of much use to you. Gorillas are those animals who are mostly found in the wildlife. For example, I mean to say that you won’t find gorillas living in anyone’s home. Jokes apart, let’s check your general knowledge. Here is a quick question for you to think about – what do you think would be the height and weight of these gorillas? Well, don’t Google – while watching their fights, don’t you get an idea? Okay, chill out! Grown-up gorillas’ height is usually 6 feet tall and their weight is anywhere between 100 and 270 kg. 

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Their features are that they stand up tall, beat their chests with their hands, and hoot, i.e. create a loud noise to show off their authority in the place where they stay which also helps them to scare all the possible threats. 

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Gorillas love to play and express their social side by wrestling, hugging each other, holding each other, biting, and pulling/pushing each other to the ground. The more intensely the younger gorillas play the wrestling match, the more expressive they are with their emotions like laughing out loud, grunting, moaning, and panting out. 

By seeing their fight, you will gradually agree that these imposing apes have the ability to impressively even bend iron bars, tear those tall banana trees, and really strongly bite when compared to a lion.

For the unversed, gorillas are social creatures and usually live in family units, also known as troops. Their families typically have five to thirty members. They develop good relationships with each other but when it comes to any sort of threat within their own troop members, they don’t mind fighting with them abruptly.

Research says that gorillas are intellectual beings who can utilize tools, interact in sign language with humans, and even make use of some objects to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, their violent behavior and actions often overpower their intellectual abilities. No wonder why seeing a gorilla fight can actually give an increase in heart rate for many humans out there.

Gorillas have ten times more strength than any average human being. Knowing this, it’s pretty surprising to find out which animal or human in his proper senses will get involved in a fight with gorillas. Jokes apart, they won’t be able to see another day in their life if they invite a gorilla for a battle. 

The question that would be popping into your mind will be what prompts them to attack other creatures without any provocation or requirement. These huge apes become brutal killers suddenly and actually without anyone’s notice too. Stick around on YouTube channels to find more such atrocious incidents of gorilla fights.

So, did you get frightened seeing their wild side? Well, they have both soft and violent sides and it depends on what you do with them will determine the outcomes. So, the next time you see someone watching a gorilla fight online, just ask them these quick general knowledge questions to test their basic knowledge about gorillas.

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