Why wearing masks has become important?

A few weeks back, various state governments had relaxed the coronavirus pandemic-related norms and rules that were imposed earlier.
woman wearing a mask
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A few weeks back, various state governments had relaxed the coronavirus pandemic-related norms and rules that were imposed earlier. It was due to the declining trend of COVID-19 cases in the nation. However, as the trend has changed and now we see an increase in the COVID-19 cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has guided people to mask up and follow coronavirus-related protocols and also get vaccinated against the virus.

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On Thursday, the nation recorded 3,303 fresh cases of COVID-19 thus, making masking up important for each and everyone who is going out of their homes in the current times. Although the government has relaxed certain rules in some areas, the increasing number of coronavirus cases is like a warning sign. People who are at higher risk of getting severe disease should take utmost care. 

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Also, the vaccination schedule of the booster dose or 3rd dose should be considered by people who have been vaccinated for both doses and have completed their waiting timeline. COVID-19 vaccines protect people from getting the severe disease and even avoid their risk of dying prematurely. 

It is advised that people should use masks in preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection. The aged people, people having co-morbidities and those having a weak immune system should surely wear masks. Even though the current situation of the coronavirus disease effect is mild, it is essential to continue wearing masks as they keep the risks of getting the infection away.

Masking is important and surely should be promoted everywhere. Masking up is essential outdoors and in closed environments. So, for example, if you plan to visit a bank where there would be a lot of people coming and going out, ensure to wear a mask as that is a high-risk environment considering it is a crowded area. Open-air environments do not require masking up but if there is a crowd and a lot of people are noticed in the open-air environment without a mask then surely wear it.

In indoor places where there is no proper ventilation and a physical distance of 1 metre cannot be kept, masking is very much needed. Also, outdoor places where one metre distance cannot be maintained are where you should keep your masks on. Masks should not be avoided during strict physical activities but people can keep themselves physically distant.

If a young person or a child in the family gets the infection of COVID-19, people who are old and others are at higher risk and thus, they should wear masks inside their homes. N-95 masks cannot be worn for longer durations so a surgical mask is preferrred. Cloth masks can be avoided as they do not act against the Omicron or the other fast-spreading variants of the coronavirus disease. Double masking should be avoided in the summertime as it would be difficult to breathe then.

Avoid panicking if you get to know that there are many cases of coronavirus patients in your area. For some days, you can isolate yourself at home and go out only if required. You can ask for a work-from-home option as it will curtail the spread of the virus from one locality to the other.