Life's awakening doesn't happen overnight

You need to make step-by-step progress in your life in order to truly achieve your purposes in life.
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The awakening of your life will not happen just one fine day. You need to make gradual progress towards your goals so that you can get near them. You can light up your life if you know how to do it. No, it doesn't mean you need some magic wand to become a superhero. You can simply think clearly by practicing mindfulness and logical thinking patterns to reach your goals. You need to make step-by-step progress in your life in order to truly achieve your purposes in life.


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Life is a journey of twists and turns that need to be dealt with in a balanced way. Anything extreme is not good and it also includes planning for your future. You always need to think of plan A and plan B. Also, in the back of your mind, you need to make a plan C. Plans A and B are two possibilities of reaching your goal that can be anything. 

For example, if you plan to apply for a course at a top university, you need to make a list of two types of universities. One is the best university and one is a better university. You need to now plan backward as to what should be your percentile in the entrance exam to get through the admission process to your preferred university. So, say you score 98 %, you are likely to get admitted to one of the top 10 universities and if you score 88%, you may get admission to the best 10 universities. However, there has to be a backup plan called the C plan that should be to happily get into any good university if your score comes between 70 to 80%. 

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This kind of detailed planning and understanding of your life's goals will only help you move further rather than stop all of a sudden by setting unrealistic goals. Your life's calling can come in the form of your professional commitments or maybe a personal relationship. For example, a working woman may think reaching a crore in her bank account will mean success in life. However, a mother may think being of help to her child at all phases of his life is her true achievement. 

This kind of understanding of what one really wants comes with clarity. Clear thinking comes when one involves in a lot of self-talk and self-analysis of the meaning and purpose of life. Life's awakening comes when you keep yourself inspired and motivated throughout the course of planning and action. Some quotes to encourage you further:

1) You are your leader. Only you know how to unlock the important keys to your life's path towards success.

2) A strong person becomes stronger when he helps others. However, a weak person feels weaker when he gets only help and has no idea to know how can empower himself.

3) If each day is the path towards awakening then you will never grow big. You have to grow each day with small steps that are realistic.