Here are Healthy Habits for a Healthy Heart

Facing heart issues? Do your parents have a heart problem? Are you someone who has been advised by the doctor to take care of your heart health? 
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Facing heart issues? Do your parents have a heart problem? Are you someone who has been advised by the doctor to take care of your heart health? Do you get nightmares when you read the news about people dying of heart attack at such a young age? Well, instead of worrying and creating worst-case scenarios in your life, it is better you switch to healthy habits. There are certain types of foods and specific exercises that can help prevent heart issues. So, even if you are taking a medicine for high blood pressure or increased cholesterol levels, do not take tension that you are more prone to heart problems. You can keep your heart issues at bay with these simple lifestyle changes.

Start These heart-friendly Foods

1) Have an intake of plant-based foods:

Eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and seeds can go a long way in keeping your heart healthy. Studies have found that people who ate a lot of various protein foods from a mix of plants and animals found it easier to prevent high blood pressure.

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2) Do exercises that suit you:

You can take up brisk walking, tennis, and cycling as some exercises to keep your weight under control and also help prevent type 2 diabetes, which is the main factor for poor heart health. Make sure that the intensity of your exercises is low to moderate and not on a higher scale. You can take up yoga and learn it from an instructor who will teach you exercises based on your health conditions. Take it slow but be consistent. 30 minutes of exercise daily is better than working out for one month rigorously and then taking a huge break.

3) Quit smoking and drinking alcohol:

You may have friends or colleagues who may encourage you to give them company in drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette. However, know that these two are not good for your heart, brain, and overall health. So, it is better to quit them completely. You can take the help of de-addiction centres if you are unable to quit this dangerous habit of yours.

4) Get sufficient, good quality sleep:

There are various debates on how many hours of sleep at night is required daily for good health. But it all depends on your quality of sleep. Some successful people sleep for just 4-5 hours at night and still stay fresh throughout the day while some need at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night to carry out their daily routine without any hassle. You need to decide as a good sleep will keep your heart health good.

5) Avoid stress and chaos in your life:

Many times you may think that doing a lot of work or planning for a future in a detailed manner will help you to succeed in life. However, this may lead to stress and confused thinking in your life. No one has seen the future and future planning can be done only in highlighted manner but not in minute details. This will stop you to live in the present moment. So, it is better you think positively and manage your stress levels well to keep your heart healthy.