Gratitude and Love are the new medicines for living

Yes, the way our mind functions is something that even researchers or scientists cannot predict accurately, and still work is going on. 

Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

We used to think that if a person is ill, he or she needs to consult a doctor and take medicines that can be in the form of tablets or something as per the medical prescription. However, we had forgotten the fact that tablets or medicines can cure only the body but there is something major that actually helps the body to function and that is nothing but our MINDS. Yes, the way our mind functions is something that even researchers or scientists cannot predict accurately, and still work is going on. 

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However, in modern times, we are seeing through many cases of people saying that they are suffering physical health issues due to stress, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health disorders. This is due to the growing loneliness that comes with advanced technology use.

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People check out the social media profiles of celebrities and other relatives who seem to put out only their happy faces all the time. This makes them think that others are far better than themselves. It also creates chaos in their minds putting them to confused thinking and irrational decision-making practices. Thus, they get prone to mental health issues that affect them at a physical level.

Gratitude i.e. accepting the situation as it is and also thanking people and their progress levels are the new form of medicine in modern times. Think about a situation where your child is always asking you to take him or her out but you give some reason for your disinterest. This leaves them dissatisfied and disappointed. In a turn of events, you also don't get good feelings staying at home because your child doesn't react to you the way you want. Thus, this leads to more relationship problems in your family making you sicker while being at home.

But what if you turn around this situation and create some good memories with your child. You can decide to spend one day a week to yourself, get yourself feel fine by doing whatever you want, thus helping self-time get better and finer. Also, you can set aside two days a month to spend only with your child asking him what he wants and taking him or her wherever they want. This will improve your bonding with your child. You can appreciate your child's progress by asking them to do better in their academics in a friendly manner, praise your child for respecting you so well, doing their routine tasks so nicely, etc. This will instill confidence in your child and help him feel loved by his parents.

Thus, gratitude for even small wins and progress can go a long way in bringing about positive energies at home. If you share your love and affection with others, it makes them feel heard and respected. Think about leading a life with no love and care from your loved ones, how would you feel? Same way, when you share with your aging mother how much you miss her when you go to the office or stay away from her, it will itself bring about a smile on her face and act as a medicine that will give her more energy to lead a life well.