Amazing Life Lessons from Lord Krishna

He seemed to have gotten the people's adoration and love throughout his lifetime but it was not at all easy for him to achieve whatever he did. 
idol of lord krishna
Image by Harikrishnan Mangayil from Pixabay

Lord Krishna who is worshipped all over the world in various forms of God has never had it easy during his lifespan on the Earth. It is believed that Lord Krishna lived for around 125 years on Earth. He seemed to have gotten the people's adoration and love throughout his lifetime but it was not at all easy for him to achieve whatever he did. So, let us learn the important lessons from his life's few important chapters:

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1) Lord Krishna lived with his adopted parents:

Just imagine the Lord that we admire so much had to live his life separately from his biological parents. When Lord Krishna was born, his father Vasudeva who was in jail at that time had to keep him in the home of his amazing friend Nanda. Lord Krishna as a human thought his real parents were Nanda and Yashoda till he went back to kill his maternal uncle Kansa and freed his real parents. Isn't that saddening but Lord Krishna tolerated it all because he had limitations as a human?

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2) Lord Krishna tolerated the curse of Gandhari for no fault of his:

When the Kurukshetra war ended and Gandhari's all 100 sons died, she cursed Lord Krishna for helping Pandavas win in the war that led to the death of her sons. Later, she realized that she was wrong on her part to have given the curse to such a spiritual person as Krishna who helped establish dharma in the kingdom. However, Lord Krishna tolerated her act and accepted her curse saying that change is the law of life and even her curse will bring about a change in his family.

3) Lord Krishna never used his magical powers to win:

Be it any war, Lord Krishna always used his abilities as a human to win. It shows his humility that despite knowing his past, present, and future, he never used his spiritual and magical powers to make things in his favor. He accepted his life as it came and never revealed to anyone about their future. It takes courage to live like that but Lord Krishna taught us only to always stay in the present moment and enjoy each moment of our life as it comes.

4) Accepted the fate of his relationship with Radha:

Although it is believed that Lord Krishna got married to Princess Rukmini and had many other 16,000 junior wives, he never had a conflict in his mind when he couldn't marry the love of his life Radha. Radha and Krishna who were childhood friends remained in spiritual love throughout their lives on the Earth and Lord Krishna despite being a God never tried to change his destiny and kept his sacred love for Radha in his heart forever. It showed how humans shouldn't feel cheated when they don't get what they want but accept destiny as it is and keep moving ahead in life.

5) Lord Krishna resides in everyone's heart:

Whether you talk to an atheist who doesn't believe in God or you talk to a religious person or a saintly man, you will find Lord Krishna in every human being because his divine powers are present everywhere on this planet.