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6 Winter Activities that you can plan with your friends

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Winter is here! It is quite colder in different parts of the country. There are several things that come with the season – both good and bad. If you are planning to spend a weekend at your friend’s house where there would be only friends and no one else, then here is an amazing list of activities. 

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1) Make a list of fun winter activities:

If you live in a place where there is snow outside, then you can definitely try out these adventure activities such as building a snowman, going on a winter photo scavenger hunt, holding a bonfire, ice-fishing, snowball fight with friends, winter camping, and ice-skating. 

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2) Try these things if you are at home with friends:

You can share ideas with your friends on what you would like to shop for your friends and family for Christmas. You can also play puzzle games, prepare handwritten greeting cards, wear winter attire at home, and pose for different selfies to post on social media channels. If it is all girls or all guys groups, then you all can play specific games that everyone can enjoy in their comfort zone.

3) Donate food and clothes to local charities:

There can be a list of things that your all friends can make and decide to give away to local charity groups within your vicinity. You can also take up some part-time gigs or volunteer at charitable organizations during winter holidays. This will create a sense of responsibility among your friends’ group and you all can share with each other how to promote societal well-being and bring down the criminal cases in your locality and neighborhood.

4) Take a virtual cooking class:

It is a survival skill to learn to cook and eat your favorite menu. Thus, your all friends can come together once every week and take a virtual cooking class from a famous chef. You can also enroll in courses that will help you to learn at your own pace and time. You all can share your learnings and recipes that are unique to your taste and wants. This will help you to learn the tricks and tips of cooking from each other and also keep you motivated to complete the course.

5) Decorate your home with festive lights:

Irrespective of the religion you belong to, you can definitely celebrate Christmas at home the best way you know. You can light up your home with decorative lights and diyas or candles so that your home looks really like a place where Santa Claus can arrive on Xmas night and fulfill your wishes.

6) Enjoy a living or hall-room picnic:

You can use your creative imagination to host a picnic in the hall room where things can be arranged as if you are in a shopping street or company or at a mall. If it is snowing outside or not, you can still think about the summers and plan for warm-weather holidays with your friends. You can look at beach houses or faraway shores or tropical places where your ideas about sunny places will be fulfilled.

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