Home International Singapore  to import Junior doctors from India

Singapore  to import Junior doctors from India

Singapore  to import Junior doctors from India

Facing staff scarcity and increased workload for healthcare needs, Singapore has planned to hire doctors from overseas. The plan is to hire doctors from India, Australia and Britain and the Healthcare institution of Singapore is looking for candidates who graduated from medical schools listed in the Medical Registration Act.

More than 180 junior doctors will move to Singapore from India as part of the plan to fulfil the growing medical requirements of the country.

A formal tender has been worked upon for 10 states of India where 60 doctors will be hired for Singapore between 2022 and 2024. The plan might be extended to another year as per requirement.

Singapore is in urgent need of expanding the medical facility in the country and actively looking to recruit doctors from overseas to handle the ongoing situation.  The new junior doctors who will work for Singapore will only be granted conditional registration for medical practices following authoritarian supervision.

In multiple online queries and backlash, people have been questioning the decision of hiring Indian doctors in concerns of galling pray for fake certificates by some candidates who wish to move to Singapore. There were also discussion and suggestions from various communities internally that Singapore should rather consider taking their own students and start giving admissions to more people of their own country.

The MOH holdings shared that it onboards around 700 junior doctors every year out of which  90 percent of them belong to Singapore. The country has consciously worked on it and increased the number of doctors over the years with giving more admissions, helping raise in percentage of medical students to meet the demand.



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