Yogi govt provides big relief to Ayushman cardholders; now get costly test free

Yogi govt provides relief to Ayushman Card holders costly tests free

Lucknow: Under the Ayushman health scheme, patients will now be able to get better treatment. Actually, the government is going to increase the budget for the investigation tests in Ayushman Yojana. Now many expensive tests including MRI and CT scans will also be free. Till now, there was a limit of five thousand rupees on radiology examination in the year, but now the fee for all types of radiological tests will also be added to the total package of treatment. The Central Government National Health Authority has sent its proposal to the states. The condition is that 40 percent of the expenditure of this scheme will have to be borne by the state government. Whereas in the scheme, the amount limit of about 800 types of packages will increase.

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Registered under the Ayushman scheme can get treatment in government and private hospitals. So far registered patients under this scheme were able to get radiology examinations up to five thousand rupees in a year. Due to this, he had to pay himself for getting an expensive test done. The cost of tests will also be added according to the disease in the package.

Sangeeta Singh, belonging to the State Health Agency, said that a letter has been received from the Central Government, in which there is a matter of the amendment. Let us tell you that there are about six crore members in the state, who get free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh in government and private hospitals.

Because of this, the central government is making changes in the Ayushman scheme.

However, the reason for the change in the Ayushman scheme is that patients suffering from serious diseases like cancer, neuro, and heart were facing problems due to the fixed fee of five thousand rupees for the tests. Apart from this, the MRI test outside is 3500 to seven thousand and the CT scan is 11 to 15 thousand rupees. At the same time,  a CT scan is done for one to one and a half thousand rupees. This amount was getting heavy on the pockets of the poor people, so the government has made up its mind to make changes to this scheme. Yogi government has sent the request to upgrade the limit for radiology and other tests under the Ayushman Yojna.

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