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Scrub Typhus Rising Cases In Meerut

Meerut: A two-year-old child has been diagnosed with scrub typhus in the city for the second time in a week. Two instances had previously been reported in Hapur and one in Bagpat. The city is already dealing with an increase in dengue fever cases. In the past month alone over 150 cases of mosquito-borne disease have been reported in Meerut, with 17 additional victims. Dr. Ashok Tayal, Divisional Surveillance Officer (DSO), said the two-year-old kid from Bulandshahr was taken to Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College in Meerut and diagnosed with the illness on Thursday.

“The youngster is receiving treated. We’re attempting to raise awareness about the disease, which is disseminated mostly during the rainy season and is caused by bug, rodent, or squirrel bites,” he continued. “We are doing door-to-door surveys and ensuring that water stagnation does not go undetected or untreated,” the DSO stated in response to the growing dengue cases. We’re also working with the local government to do fogging and anti-larva spraying.”

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Cases were also discovered in Delhi. Scrub typhus is a bacterial disease seen in two hospitals in the national capital among youngsters. After a blood test, the youngster was diagnosed with scrub typhus after having a fever for two weeks. He didn’t have a severe infection and was treated with oral medicine before being discharged, he added. Scrub typhus symptoms are similar to those of dengue fever.

“These occur when the body’s major organs are damaged, resulting in a variety of problems such as myocarditis (heart), hepatitis (liver), meningitis (brain), and kidney injury,” Tandon explained. Scrub typhus currently lacks a vaccine. To avoid contracting the condition, children should stay away from dense foliage and shrubs where mites can be found and cover their bodies entirely.

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