COVID-19: 1 face mask that gives only 1 day of life

HealthCOVID-19: 1 face mask that gives only 1 day of life


So far, 3286 people worldwide have died from China’s deadly corona virus. Currently, 95,483 people are vulnerable and this figure is increasing rapidly. The highest number of 3013 deaths have been reported in China only.

In the last two months, this virus of death has engulfed 80 countries including China and India. The World Health Organization named it COVID-19. No vaccine or treatment of corona virus has been found so far, although scientists are trying to find a cure for it.

Although doctors say that there is no need to panic but take precautions as much as possible. There is currently no antidote or medication for the corona, but there are some initial precautions that can prevent the corona. One of these precautions is to choose the right mask.

A variety of face masks are being sold on medical stores and online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. These include masks made of medical-grade paper, decorative paper masks, polyurethane bile masks, washable cloth masks and allergy masks. But the question is, can all types of masks provide protection against the corona virus?

The mask is worn only above the nose, not below the chin and not just at the mouth. By doing this, the nose remains open and the air keeps passing. The superior mask also does not protect when worn incorrectly.

Many people remove the mask repeatedly and place it on the desk, floor, table or any surface. Let us tell you that the virus spreads from the surface. Doing so may contaminate your mask.

Touching a mask after repeatedly touching a mobile phone, iPad, keypad or other gadget can also cause it to become contaminated. Therefore you should avoid touching the mask again and again.

The mask should not be pulled under the chin during conversation or eating. You are not going to benefit from doing this.

Experts believe that any kind of mask can give protection only for one day as there is a risk of contamination from soil particles. The longer you keep wearing a mask, the more contagious it will be. A face mask should never be worn for more than a day.

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