Manna iStrong twice a day keeps anaemia away

Manna iStrong

Chennai: Manna, a divine nourishment, was given to the Israelites which sustained them in the wilderness. This has been mentioned in the Bible. Manna is a word which means what is it? It is a bread-like substance that fell from heaven and tasted like honey. Therefore, it may be a sort of panacea that provides divine strength to shoo away all diseases.

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Keeping that in mind, the Southern Health Foods Pvt Ltd (SHFPL) has developed a tonic Manna iStrong which helps to. The tonic, consisting of multigrain, energises the blood cells. The drink is made of eight grains including three super grains, Amaranth, Quinoa and Black Rice.

It delivers 100% RDA of iron, vitamin-C, vitamin-B9 and B12. It is also rich in protein and dietary fibre. Manna iStrong went through a registered clinical trial for 90 days at one of the country's most renowned medical institutes. The study was published in Fortune Journals.

The institute studied the impact of Manna iStrong in the clinical management of anaemia in women. It  observed a significant increase in haemoglobin by 20%, serum iron by 35%, serum ferritin levels by 16% and increase in 2x stamina. Therefore, consuming Manna iStrong twice a day reduced the anaemia-related symptoms.

Chief executive officer of the firm S Murugan said, “The creation of Manna iStrong is itself an interesting story. When we looked at the women’s health drink space, we stumbled upon iron deficiency being such a large issue in India that one in two women in the country has iron deficiency.”

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He further said, “We were overjoyed that a consumer now has an iron supplement option that is easy to make and will help them combat anaemia.” Manna iStrong is available online at our website and on ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket etc and also available in all leading stores.