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Jack the Rippers

Stories and films about serial killers abound. Such stories continue to resurface. It recently happened in Madhya Pradesh, after a 19-year-old man Shivprasad Dhurve, who had disposed of five security guards, fell into the police trap.  Dhurve was barely repentant of what he had done. Rather, he took pride in killing five people. He said he had drawn inspiration from KGF-2’s Rocky Bhai, an Indian blockbuster. Dhurve was working for a private firm in Goa and wished to enter the fame-dome through his misdeeds. He brought back the horrid memories of 2011 when another serial killer Sarman Shivhare polished off 22 people. His purpose was to collect a huge amount of dough and fight an election. Dhurve, too, yearned for becoming a celebrity.  A psychiatrist says both Shivhare and Dhurve cannot be called psychopath killers in the accepted sense, as they had a purpose that a real psychopath killer generally lacks. The story of psychopath killer begins with Jack the Ripper who snuffed out five prostitutes and lopped off their body parts with a surgical precision in England from 1888 to 1891. Those murders are still fraught with mystery.

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Chicken for TMC leader?

Chicken for TMC leader
Illustration By Hasan Zaidi

Trinamool Congress leader Anubrat Mandal is in the custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with  a cow-smuggling case. The other day, a few officials of the inquiry agency wanted to know whether he had any problem at the reform centre in Asansol, where he is lodged now. Like any other Bengali, Mandal is a connoisseur of food. He said he had some problems eating the curry made of fish kept in ice. Mandal, also called “Keshto Da” by his fans, yearned for curry made of fresh fish or chicken for lunch. At the reform centre, one gets puffed rice, beaten rice or Sattu for breakfast, but “Keshto Da” is given chapatis and curry made of mixed vegetables that Bengalis take for breakfast. Leader of opposition in the Bengal Assembly Shubhendu Adhikari seems to be averse to such sumptuous breakfast and lunch being served to Mandal. An angry Adhikari said that his former colleague, Mandal, is provided with all the facilities at the reform centre. Both Adhikari and Mandal were once close aides of Didi, the Chief Minister West Bengal. He alleged that the Mandal who had also been given a mobile phone spoke to two of his legislator friends. When one of the law-makers came to know of it, he said should Adhikari prove himself correct, he would not think twice before resigning from the House membership. A leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) said, “Two friends have become sworn enemies. Nothing is more powerful than time.”

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Windfall indeed!

Windfall indeed
Illustration By Hasan Zaidi

Renowned Hollywood actor Matthew Paige Damon worked for an advertisement of a cryptocurrency firm for which the actor was to be given $10 million. The firm, however, transferred the money by mistake to a woman, Thevamanogari Manivel, a resident of Melbourne last year. As soon as the firm detected the mistake, they sent a notice to the woman, asking her to return the money. By the time the notice reached her, it was too late, as she had already bought a luxury house in the name of her sister and transferred a huge amount to her daughter. What is more, she invested the rest of the dough in some financial institutions. The company took more than seven months to ferret out the error. As Matt did not get any payment for the work he had done, he contacted the firm that, however, paid his dues. Manivel did not reply to any of the letters sent by the firm or to the notices sent to her by a court. Both Manivel and her sister were asked to appear before the court, but they never bothered to do that. The cryptocurrency company told her to dispose of the villa and pay back the money. The story of the Manivel sisters has become the talk of the town. And why not? Who will fritter away such a huge sum? A windfall indeed!


Illustration By Hasan Zaidi

A man appears before an interview board in a newspaper office. One of the members says, “Why should you not leave an apostrophe?”

The man replies, “Sir, because like a Scorpio in love, it can be jealous and possessive.”


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