The Human Face of Meerut Police

The Human Face of Meerut Police


The Human Face of Meerut Police

Meerut: Usually, a negative image emerges in the minds of people as soon as the name of the police comes, but this is not true. With this video you can easily guess that even in the heart of the policemen, there is pity, love and duty. In every difficult situation, our police are ready to go ahead and serve the people.

This video is of the Nauchandi police station of Meerut where the woman constable is cooking food for the poor after finishing her duty and the mail staff is distributing the food to the poor. This work is not included in the duty of these people, but in the interest of the country, these police are doing this commendable work in addition to their routine duty. Nauchandi, the police station of Meerut, is feeding about 75 families and 250 people these days.

The police of the 34 police stations of the city provide food to more than 5000 people. Talk about the Nauchandi Police, then around 75 such families have been identified who do not have food grains. At the time of lock down, they cannot earn their livelihood and in such a situation the police is providing them food. People are surprised to see this generosity of the police. They did not yet know the human face of the police. But in such circumstances of the country the police are helping the poor by becoming God.

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