Kejriwal Launches Virtual Bazaar for Delhiites


    Kejriwal Launches Virtual Bazaar for Delhiites

    On Wednesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated that the Delhi government would build an internet platform named ‘Delhi Bazaar’ to offer an online area for all dealers, retailers, and service providers in the city. Kejriwal hopes that the platform would “rapidly” enhance Delhi’s tax collection, GDP, and employment. It is scheduled to be completed by August of next year, according to Kejriwal. 

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    You may use this to market your items to individuals throughout Delhi, the country, and the world. Anyone sitting anywhere may do a product search, and all retailers that have that item will appear in the results.  Virtual bazaars were one of the portal’s features that he highlighted. All markets, large and small, will be present, even DDA marketplaces within colonies. You may go to this platform, go around a market, and shop,” Kejriwal explained. Another advantage mentioned by Kejriwal was the possibility of hosting ‘virtual displays’ of various items.

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    On Wednesday afternoon, Kejriwal also remarked on images of packed marketplaces with people not wearing masks during the festival season, urging people to wear masks and go out as little as possible. He also announced that he and his cabinet ministers will perform a Diwali pooja on Thursday at 7 p.m., which will be broadcast on television channels, and he invited all Delhi residents to join them in prayer, claiming that 2 crore people praying together will “produce many good vibrations in the atmosphere.”

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