Home Entertainment Not all grapes are sour, not all content on television are bad

Not all grapes are sour, not all content on television are bad


Not all grapes are sour, not all content on television are bad

I heard a parent scolding his child for watching television without completing his homework. In the talk with his child, the parent blamed the television set for spoiling the lives of youngsters and putting them in the wrong direction of drugs, smoking, relationships, etc. The parent stressed the importance of education to his child but at the same time, he threw such a bad light on the people working on the television and their stories that made me wonder why are some parents so much against watching TV for children?

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A television set may be present in everyone’s homes in today’s times. In the olden days, like in the 90s, in a building, only 2 households of middle-income groups could afford a television set. Like the set didn’t have much to offer with just a few serials on mythology, family dramas, suspense, horror, and children series and songs of Bollywood movies released so far.

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But when the technology boom came and people started getting good jobs, the industry of television and Bollywood also saw a major rise with many talented actors and actresses coming in to be a part of soap operas that deal with a lot of stories. Every story is unique and has a lot to offer. But I will also agree that once the story of a serial gets momentum and its audience, it starts to manipulate and play with the emotions of the audience by introducing tracks on separation, evil plots, black magic, crime among others just to stay high on the TRP charts.

So, it is obvious for an average Indian parent to feel worried when his 10 years-old kid watches such a dramatic twist and turn in his life in the form of various Hindi or any other language serials, but remember that there is some good content also available on the television which you can explore for the benefit and development of your brain and minds. Research about the serials and allow your child to even enjoy some doses of entertainment on TV at a time when going out is still unsafe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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