Mrunal Thakur discusses his role as a victim of domestic abuse in Made in Heaven 2: It takes time to figure out what’s wrong.

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In season two of Made in Heaven, Mrunal Thakur disclosed why she decided to play a woman who opted to live with domestic abuse.

In the second season of the web series Made in Heaven, Mrunal Thakur became a bride. In the second episode, Beauty and the Beast, she portrayed Adhira Arya, an established performer, and a beauty queen. A significant portion of the audience disapproved of her character’s decision to ignore all the warning signs regarding her fiancé and marry the man who had physically abused her the day before the wedding. Mrunal has now revealed that her persona chose to put up with domestic abuse until a few months later when she decided to file for divorce.

Mrunal portrays a victim of spousal abuse who ignores all warning signs

Mrunal discussed why, despite being a very accomplished and independent lady in real life, she chose not to leave her abusive relationship in an interview. “I said, “Zoya, I know a lot of women who are aware that something is wrong in their lives, but they are unable to make the necessary changes because they fear that things won’t work out as planned and it will take time for them to realize that everything, they had been seeing at the carnival was a red flag.”, the woman stated when explaining why she wanted to be a part of this episode. 

You encounter Adhira filling for divorce as the episode comes to an end. Given that divorces happen in real life, I thought it was appropriate to depict them after a few episodes rather than right away. It takes time and wonderful things take time. Perhaps it took some time for her to come to that realization to return to her career and recognize her worth, but this episode was specifically dedicated to all the women who are experiencing abuse despite knowing that they are capable of escaping it due to various problems. But all I want to say them is to have faith in who they are. When asked if she felt uneasy at initially portraying the injured Adhira, Mrunal replied that she just kept seeing all those suffering ladies in her mind a number accept it if it makes all those folks uncomfortable,” she remarked.

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Mrunal talks about being judged for switching from television to film acting.

One of the most prosperous actors, Mrunal transitioned from television to movies and landed the largest roles. When Mrunal played Bulbul Khanna in the popular TV series Kumkum Bhagya, she had already made her first steps into the Marathi cinema business. 2018 saw her make her Hindi cinema debut with Love Sonia. She recently had her Hindi film Aankh Micholi released in theaters. She starred in the highly acclaimed Telugu film Sita Ramam last year. She currently has several of Telugu and Hindi movies scheduled.

She talked candidly about switching from TV to movies throughout the conversation. When asked if her status as a TV performer caused her to experience discrimination in the film industry, Mrunal replied, “Yeah, I did.” However, there are filmmakers who support the artist for what they really are, including Tabrez Noorani, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Nikkhil Advani, Karan Johar, and Ram Madhwani. Furthermore, none of these tags really relevant. It doesn’t matter what else is important as long as these directors believe and trust you to carry out that specific task. These verdicts will always exist. People are never satisfied and they never will be satisfied, according to the proverb “log kabhi khush nahi hote aur kabhi nahi honge.” I wasn’t made to win over everyone. I was merely made to satisfy myself. I’ll be here to take care of and cherish myself.

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