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Cutest moment when Anupama explains to Vanraj about job importance

Anupamaa, the top serial running on Star Plus is indeed a game-changer in the way scripts are written these days. In earlier days, when a villain is introduced in the show, he remains a villain or vamp till the last episode of the serial when he realizes his mistakes and accepts his fate. However, Anupamaa seems to be a unique serial that is breaking the myths and stereotypes of a villain, vamp, hero, and heroine.

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In this serial, you have a story where all the members of a family make mistakes at some point and show their good side at some point and yet remain true to their characterization. Although Anupamaa was deeply hurt when she found Vanraj cheating on her with Kavya, she was quick to divorce him and move on in her life. Vanraj tries his best to show how jealous he feels when Anupamaa is with some other guy or is getting a better job opportunity than him.

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However, when it comes to his family, he becomes weak and accepts his flaws like every one of us does. Though he was hell-bent on making Anupama feel low and bad when she took up the business partnership with Anuj who is also her college friend, the cutest thing happened when Anupama tried twice after the insulting incidents that she is moving on only for good financial well-being and Anuj is just her business partner.

The way she narrates to Vanraj to keep his hot head calm and focus on his job and marital life and allow her to focus on her new job is the best thing to happen on television. The lead hero and heroine sit together despite divorce that important these days is peace of mind in the family and to have a stable income to run the household than any ego issues or pride matters. Keep watching to know what happens next.

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