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Check what Television Celebrities say about Dusshera 2023

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As it is the Dussehra festival today, Bollywood actors have come forward to share their stories of how they won over their inner demons. They talk about their personal battles in life’s journey and how they are trying to remove their bad habits or negative traits, which they consider as evils in their lives.

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Sreejita Dey says that she wants to get rid of her self-doubt habit during the festival of Dussehra. She said how she often gets into a doubting herself mode due to the fear of losing and negative thinking patterns. She said she is a confident person but there are times when she doubts her abilities that she wants to eliminate soon.

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Shakti Arora considers his negative habit of trusting people so easily. he has the habit of believing that everyone has a pure soul and that’s why he has had to face negative consequences in the end. Shakti says that he wants to learn how to understand people’s intentions and motivations so that he doesn’t get involved in unnecessary drama and suffering in his life this Dussehra.

Jasmine Bhasin considers her habit of following perfectionism as a bad habit because it leads her to take unwanted stress, fear of failure and even delaying stuff. She wants to free herself from this Dussehra by taking more risks and leading a balanced and fulfilling life.

Urvashi Dholakia considers that she wants to embrace her vulnerable self also which is hidden behind her strong woman personality. She wants to express her emotions this Dussehra without being afraid of how she is perceived by society all these years.

Shefali Jariwala says that she wants to get rid of her eating sweets habit this Dussehra.

Saumya Tandon says she wants to eliminate her thought process to put higher expectations on herself to reach high standards in life. She just wants to learn and appreciate the little things happening in her life.

Himanshi Khurana says that this Dussehra, she wants to overcome all the negative energies that are around her and inside her. She wants to lead a healthy life and follow a proper diet for the same.

It is indeed true that Dussehra marks the end of evil and wrongdoings and start a new beginning of walking on the right path in people’s lives. No wonder that the festival has been celebrated since so many years by Indians by paying respect to the related rituals, traditions and customs of Dussehra. 

If you love sharing your ideas of resolutions to set for the festival of Dussehra, share them in the comments section below. Also, you can think about what is that one or two qualities you have that you don’t want to continue in your regular life. It can be anything. It can be started by asking simple questions to yourself or you can take feedback from your near and dear ones on which qualities of yours irks them to the most. You can take small and simple steps from today onwards to overcome bad habits and conquer your inner demons.

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