‘Bhakshak’ still haunts me, says Bhumi Pednekar

Entertainment‘Bhakshak’ still haunts me, says Bhumi Pednekar


In the upcoming movie “Bhakshak,” Bhumi Pednekar portrays a journalist committed to discovering the truth about a horrible crime. The film, which was directed by Pulkit and is based on true events, will debut on Netflix on February 9. Bhumi talks about how she perfected the dialect, her amazing chemistry with Sanjay Mishra, and how she won’t ever be able to step away from this movie in an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in. The topic of child sexual abuse is covered in the movie. Regarding the same, Bhumi Pednekar said that the topic had been treated very sensitively: When you make a movie about child abuse, you want as many people to see it as possible.

It truly makes you feel sick to your stomach. According to her, it’s carried out in a manner that simply raises questions, but it’s still entertaining. I portray a journalist who is a lone ranger in that particular area of the journalism industry. She doesn’t have financial or institutional support, but her determination never wavers. Her quiet strength and dedication to her passion are what really make her stand out. That’s the reason I adore this character. In contrast to other female-led thrillers, in which the protagonist gains power from outside sources, she is completely dependent on the sound of her microphone, love, passion, and integrity.

Despite being fictitious, the movie is based on actual events. Viewers are prompted to consider whether they are the cause of the issue or the solution by its underlying theme. I firmly believe that child sexual offenses rank below all others. And we’re talking about orphaned children here. Nobody is going to take responsibility for them. They seem to be completely absent from the social pyramid that represents our society. The movie is about a single person who makes the decision to learn the truth. Furthermore, she isn’t attempting to do anything admirable. All she’s trying to do is act in the most humane way possible. And the movie is exactly that.

Yes, it was a difficult emotional experience. I possessed an abundance of research materials. Regretfully, the incident that I used as research material actually involved these young girls. It was therefore not something you could live with or understand. That knowledge haunts you. I’m still troubled by it. It seems unlikely that I will ever be able to separate my conscience from all that I read. Indeed, filming the movie wasn’t the simplest thing to do. However, there was one thing that helped the trip along: the route that Sanjay Mishra and I have. You know, there were even a few moments where I laughed and smiled. Indeed, I believe you to be correct. In the movie, our chemistry is so infectious.

Cinema is a fantastic medium for connecting with a wide audience. Movies must be entertaining, but I believe I would be more pleased to be involved with these kinds of films if they could influence viewers’ perspectives. It’s not like I’m exclusively drawn to politically charged movies.

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