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World Television Day: How to use the TV for your upskilling

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World Television Day was celebrated on 21 November this year. Every year, the day is marked to create awareness about the role of television in people’s lives. Television has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on how and who uses it to watch the same. Television is not just limited to movies nowadays because there are a lot of entertainment options available to view on television such as OTT web series, TV serials, reality shows, cartoon movies, news channels, cartoon series, television commercials, songs, and dance performances, among others.

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So, when a kid watches TV, people usually get scared of what they can get exposed to in modern times. That’s the reason nowadays TV sets come with parental control, wherein kids are not allowed to view particular content that is meant to be viewed only after a certain age like 13+ or 16+. Anything that is done extremely is never good for health. The same goes with television as well, when a person watches TV for more than 7 to 8 hours a day just to get entertained, then he or she is exposing themselves to the consumption of a lot of content that may or may not be suitable for their health.

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Thus, one needs to limit their TV viewing time to a maximum of 2 hours and not beyond that. Now you may wonder how can one utilize the viewing time on TV for something that is productive and useful in life. You may be aware that TV is not just limited to entertainment or seeing pleasurable shows or activities. TV has a plethora of options to even learn new skills, probably a new language by watching a drama of another language with the subtitles ON. You can also learn English by watching decent English web series and learning the pronunciation of how the actors and actresses speak and behave in the corporate set-up.

One can also take inspiration from watching motivational speeches, series, and informative content that cannot be easily understood if read online or in books. There are also How-to tutorials available on YouTube and even some short-term courses on improving our life skills available on OTT platforms that one can watch using the big screen of the TV rather than viewing it on a laptop or smartphone. When one makes up his mind that he will not get distracted by just the news or entertaining shows or movies all the time, he can really make good use of his TV viewing for his life’s betterment.

For example, one can watch cooking videos that are put on cooking shows aired on food channels like Food Food, and Zee Nest, among others to learn different types of cooking. One can watch the Discovery channel to learn about the culture, lifestyle, and events happening all over the world. One can also learn classical music and spirituality-related information by watching spiritual channels like Sri Sankara TV, Aastha TV, and Sanskar TV, among others.

There are several quiz shows hosted by different channels that can be watched to improve general knowledge and memory power and get a holistic view of life. It is all upon us how we use the medium of TV for our betterment in life.

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