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Why Men should be encouraged for all types of Careers?

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“You are a man and you should not enter the kitchen,” said a father to his son. The young boy who was just 10 years old then had a tough time dealing with his dad’s restriction as he just loved the smell of different spices, and vegetables and also loved the process of cooking. “Why Maa, why can’t I aim to be a chef?” asked the innocent son of his mom who just didn’t have any decision-making power in the house. The boy’s father had already decided on an engineering profession for him which the boy just didn’t want to pursue because he wanted to become a chef. This story of a boy reminds us of men who are often stereotyped to work in particular sections or industries of society in many households even now.

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As much as women have to be educated and given better job opportunities, that much the stereotypes of men making careers only in main professions should be avoided. Men can choose any profession they want to or have passion about. If men love tailoring or cooking or teaching dance to students or even being a homemaker, it has to be their choice. It shouldn’t be a compulsion for men to get into sales or marketing jobs just because they are men. There shouldn’t be a rulebook for men to not explore their passion in content writing, tutoring, painting, childcare, elderly care services, nursing, social services, and crafts work in modern times, just because they are men.

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Men shouldn’t be forced to take up tough jobs just because of their gender. Men should be given all the freedom from their parents, relatives, and society, in general, to do whatever they want to do in life. There is no profession that has to be tagged as only male-oriented or women-oriented anymore. Any occupation that keeps the mind engaged of any gender is good enough for them to pursue and make a decent living.

On this International Men’s Day 2022, let men also get the opportunity to explore life in different ways just like women. If a man puts down his papers and wants to tutor his children for better education, let us respect such men as well. Let us not force them to only be someone who does all the worldly work and let us not degrade women in the process for not being able to do such work. Let us give both men and women equal opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest.

If a man does household chores on his own wishes, let us not stereotype him. If a man wants to care for his elderly parents and take a break from his career, let the women of the home not consider him to be incompetent. If a man wants to cry out and share how much he suffered in his life, let us not tag such men to be highly emotional or too sensitive. Let us accept men as they are and give them enough freedom and choices to make a career of their interest and that would be the best gift for Men’s Day to every man out there!

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