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Why let go of projects if you cannot manage the work overload?

Letting go is a wise decision in any sphere of your life that is overwhelming you. You may think why am I asking you to quit when it is always recommended to give our best to the work that we get or have in hand. You know the term “work” has been misunderstood to the core. Honestly speaking, work doesn’t mean a person goes out all the way to achieve only the targets or set goals. Work is not important than a human being’s existence.

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Say you are a programmer and are totally stressed out in your life, and you enter wrong commands to the computer, what will it happen to the machine, it will just burst because it can no longer take your wrong instructions that you are feeding it due to your mental stress of life. The last two years have been quite stressful for the whole world. Let me tell you from a small kid to an elderly person, everyone was shocked to see how things were functioning and anxious to know what will happen the next moment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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For some, the pandemic was like a horror and thriller movie that has not yet ended. Things changed in their relationships, work-life, school, or college life and it is getting difficult to adjust and adapt to the new normal for many out there. Of course, not everyone knows how to express their failures and disappointments and thus, they use poor communication methods by shutting down to the world, withdrawing from others, living an isolated life, criticizing influencers on social media, and breaking up with whatever has been bothering them.

In such a stressful environment that everyone is living in, if your work is taking up too much of you and you are not just able to live up to the work expectations, then it is better to let go of some projects or take a break than forcing yourself to work and giving your worst to the projects. If we are stressed or something is not right with us, only we will know first or the ones who stay with us. Consult with them and take that needed break from life as it will help you unwind, heal and bounce back when things become normal in the outside world.

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