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When you meet a career setback like Aamir Khan


Read reports of how Bollywood’s finest actor Aamir Khan is going through a career crisis as his latest film Laal Singh Chaddha is not getting the proper response like his earlier films. Aamir Khan has a huge fanbase and this new film is after 4 years of his last film’s release. However, it seems not even fans are able to help Aamir this time whose film is just facing criticism and trolling from all sides.

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Aamir had a lot to lose in the last couple of years. First, he separated from his second wife whom he worked with, professionally as well. Second, he hardly has announced his next projects in Bollywood. Third, he had faced a huge box-office debacle four years back with Thugs of Hindostan. His last superhit film Dangal was released almost in 2016 in which he had a full-fledged role, not as a hero but as the main character of a father who raised girls to pursue sports. So, it has been almost 6 years of Aamir Khan’s success in his career, yet Mr. Perfectionist has not lost hope in the Hindi film industry and his passion for acting.

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So, what one can really do when their career doesn’t live up to other’s expectations?

1) The first option that would come to a person’s mind is to quit the profession and sit back home to avoid all sorts of negativity and toxicity. However, for many people, sitting back home is not a choice because they have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. So, how will the person going through a career crisis make a comeback to his profession? 

2) Take a short break, relax, understand where you are going wrong, what career decisions are affecting you at the personal and professional levels, how can you better your performance from your past and others, and how to work as per the trends and not as per what you think is right, how to have a flexible and open mindset, how to take more work and less pay if others think you are charging more, how to keep realistic expectations at work, are some of the thoughts that you can think deeply and find out meaningful and clear answers.

3) Upgrade yourself. Probably what Aamir Khan has to do is sit with professionals and directors who will give him good scripts. Same way, if you can sit with your social circle to know what is really working in the industry and which skill has to be redeveloped and refined well, you will get a better path to move forward.

4) Don’t complain and fret over things that you cannot control. If you are being called “outdated”, “old-fashioned”, “irrelevant” just because you are being too slow in your career progress, don’t take such harsh comments to your heart. Nowadays people are becoming more materialistic and are a robot-like mindset so feelings of compassion and kindness are hard to find in the corporate world. You can simply focus on your career goals and take the professional help of a career expert in order to come out of the crisis times.

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