When old ideas don't get recognized in the workplace

After all, we live in the 21st century and if you are bringing up old values and orthodox beliefs at the workplace, then it is obvious you will have to face a section of resistance and criticism from your co-workers. 
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If you are someone who values old values or ideas, then I am sure you will be getting a lot of flak at a place where only modernism is given more importance than anything else. After all, we live in the 21st century and if you are bringing up old values and orthodox beliefs at the workplace, then it is obvious you will have to face a section of resistance and criticism from your co-workers. 

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I remember a young woman who came back home crying just because she was taunted by her co-workers for wearing salwar kameez on the day of the party thrown by her boss to the team. I also experienced workplace discrimination when I asked for an off for attending a dear relative's funeral. There are many instances wherein employees these days get to face a lot of threats and insecurities when they say they have to be unavailable for following certain rituals and customs that are followed strictly in their community during certain days of the year.

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If it is a non-national festival then there are many complaints by employees at various workplaces who have to juggle between their client's requirements and family members' mood swings for having a laptop or phone call to attend to during their festive time. So, if you are being mistreated for wearing ethnic attire or sharing your beliefs about religion or spirituality at the workplace, then remember that this is just a passing phase.

There are several ways to deal with such a crisis at the workplace wherein your identity or background gets always second-class treatment. It is because you belong to a particular section of society or follow certain ideologies that you no longer get the needed appreciation from your colleagues or boss. You need not take those things to your heart and confuse your lifestyle with your work life. What you do at your home is completely your choice and no longer needs to be validated by others.

If you believe in applying vibhuti on your forehead just before an important meeting is to take place, why not, because that is a part of your culture? There is no scientific evidence that says following customs and religious practices can put a person in trouble. However, if you have been strictly told by the important people in your office to not show your religion or not do something that will set you apart from others, then following your company's orders won't make you less religious.

You need to understand that your ideas or way of living will always sound old or outdated to people who belong to completely different communities or religions. If following certain rules at the workplace keeps your job secured and doesn't threaten other employees' beliefs, then having a flexible mindset will not harm you or your spirituality. God doesn't mind you unless you are doing anything that harms the welfare of others. So, what if you have a team at work who eats only non-vegetarian foods and you are the odd man out eating pure veg? There is always an optional food choice and no one can force you to change your food and living choices unless you force them to change theirs. So, accept things as they are and just trust the journey at your work.