What is your work milestone? Have you defined it yet?

He might have taken a few career breaks here and there but he never stopped to come back to the screen and entertaining his fans.
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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan completed 34 years of entertaining the audience in the Hindi film industry recently. He is grateful to his fans and followers. For him, achieving this work milestone was a roller-coaster ride. But he didn't give up on his career no matter what. He was jailed and he is even accused in many media outlets for several cases for many years. But did he stop? Well, not really! He might have taken a few career breaks here and there but he never stopped to come back to the screen and entertaining his fans.

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He lives for his fans and chooses scripts based on his fans' interests and likings. Never he tries to experiment with his roles and whenever he does try out to do something new, he fails abruptly, Tubelight, Radhe, Veer, and Race 3 are some examples. So, the reason I took his example in this article is that he has a huge fan following and is taken an inspiring figure for anyone who is a beginner and be it of any profession. 

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So, what is your work milestone? Do you think you will work for XYZ number of years and then sit back at home enjoying your retirement? Or you are someone who is quite dedicated to his job and wants to complete the work till retirement age? Or you are someone who just takes one day at a time in terms of work and goes ahead by finishing off small work-related goals.

So, if you are someone who gets happy even when you complete 3 months of your probation period at work or your first work anniversary and consider it as a work milestone, then you are someone like me. Slow and steady always wins the race, is what I firmly believe. However, when things don't work our way, we tend to get emotionally disturbed. We even start accusing others of the abrupt ending of our work tenure in our company. But when we get another better job based on our previous work experience, we feel delighted.

After all, everyone is here to mint money and make goodwill. But to what extent can one work and how much is the fortune that one wants to collect and keep is a personal decision. Like not everyone is on the rat race of achieving the status of Ambanis or Tatas or Birlas. Everyone has their own work-related goals in life that they think will give them satisfaction. What gives them work satisfaction and peace of mind, is something that they need to decide on their own.

So, what factors do you think will help you decide on this work milestone? For example, Aarav wanted to build a small home, have a bank balance of 50 lakhs and keep a pet dog at his home so that he can spend quality time with him. These were his long-term goals. Now whether his work will support this or will it not, was a big question mark when he joined the startup job. As years passed by, Aarav realized that if he had to achieve these life goals, the work milestone will extend up to 80 years of his age and service. Similar to Aarav, do you too have work milestones?