What is your Mantra of Career Success?

The career success story is unique for everyone and no one person can say that they achieve success overnight, because it is purely a myth.
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Career success is not a destination but an ongoing journey of achieving small milestones that will help you reach the highest level. The career success story is unique for everyone and no one person can say that they achieve success overnight, because it is purely a myth. Even if you notice those YouTube stars or Instagram Reels videos' stars haven't got popularity with just one or two trending videos. In order to get their videos trending on the platform, they have tried their best and worked each day and night brainstorming various ideas that have failed badly so that they could get that one idea that clicked with the audience.

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So, behind every success story, there is a story of failures, struggles, hardships, and sacrifices that a person has to make so that he can reach wherever he is today and aim for higher and better in life. Success in a career cannot be only defined or limited to big-fat paychecks or top ranks or possessions of luxurious items. Career success has to be defined by you based on the rankings of satisfaction and happiness that you will achieve when you do a job that you may or may not love.

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Thus, we can say that your success mantra has to be yours and not something that is copied from others. You can take inspiration from other people's success stories but your formula to success in your profession has to be based on your own skills, abilities, aptitudes, and willingness to improve. Some people think that if I do some courses like my friends then probably I will also enter into a particular industry and live a lavish life. But that is completely a myth that will get busted when you try to climb the ladder in your career.

It is like you will be doing your job, and you may get what you desire, but at the end of the day, your career success will not give you the happiness that you yearn for. Desires and needs are two completely different things. For example, a man was really good at writing poems and content. But due to a lack of content-related jobs and courses those days, he decided to get into the technical line and did engineering. Now despite being an engineer and drawing a very good salary from his job, he goes back home with a tired face and a sad attitude toward life. 

This is because he didn't think much about following his passion as well in his free time which made him feel that career success is limited to only ranks and income. So, don't make the mistakes in careers that are made by numerous people whom you might have met in your life. You can simply write your success journey with consistency, grit, determination, and assurance that what you are doing will only give you happiness, satisfaction, peace, and also materialistic pleasure in your life. That's how you will set an example to others to follow their passion and work on their profession at the same to define their career success mantra.