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What is Work-related Stress?


What is Work-related Stress?

Work-related stress includes long hours of working at the office or home, increased workload, job insecurity, conflicts with other employees or managers, or bosses. Work-related stress leads to a reduction in work performance, decreased employee’s overall performance, a lot of errors, and poor quality of work. It can also affect the company’s employee strength with high staff turnover and absenteeism due to anxiety, emotional issues, work-life imbalance, depression, and other stress-related factors.

Work-related stress can be found in an employee if he has started to perform poorly and is being more absent at the workplace by citing some other commitments or showing a lack of interest in the given targets or even sharing ideas for new goals. The more the employee falls sick, the more is his stress levels and health and safety issues at the workplace. Some factors can also be related to a drastic change in personal life like the loss of a family member, conflicts with a partner, recurring physical health issues, and others.

A company should make sure that the employee does not go through unnecessary stress by introducing too many changes in the work without proper training and development programs in place. No employee can stretch for working additional hours than the regular ones if he is not used to it and does not have the resources at home to support him for such kind of work lifestyle. A company if it wants to retain its employees on a long-term note and does not want any negative publicity or feedback from its employees should know how to get work done along with giving regular incentives either in terms of increase in salary or in terms of gifts, bonuses, leave offs, holiday packages, etc.

A company is like a family which can sustain itself if it knows how to maintain a balance in its work and reputation by ensuring that its employees don’t go through emotional or mental issues due to the kind of work it gives to the employees.

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