What is really the key to success in education?

People think success in education means higher grades in academic exams, more degrees, and a well-reputed job. 
key to success
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Success is a definition that has to be written by people themselves. People think success in education means higher grades in academic exams, more degrees, and a well-reputed job. However, I really wonder if it really how education's success has to be measured. A person may have 'n' a number of people working under him but if he doesn't have a purpose in his life, then he is an ultimate failure. He may be rich but he is poor because he has no vision in life. He may have an amazing fat bank balance but he is literally in debt as he has no happiness in life.

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So, can I say success in education is also personal as how success in life is? Well, I will tell you a story of a film that I watched recently and was really amazed by the lesson I learned from it. The Tollywood film had a hero who was a degree dropout, however, he gets appointed as the CEO of the company where his girlfriend works. Shocked at the decision of the owner, his board members and the public criticize the man for being so ignorant about hiring such kind of a newcomer directly as the Operational CEO of the company.

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The owner of the company gives this degree dropout guy 30 days to prove himself to others because he concludes his speech by saying that he trusts this guy as he has the capability. In the 30 days period, he does all that he knows and brings about a transformation in the company. Thus, the owner proves his point and makes him the CEO of the company permanently. The point here is that it is not about the movie but about the knowledge that this degree dropout guy gained in his life that helped him achieve success in his life.

Same way, I would really request parents and well-wishers of students who are working really hard in their exams but are unable to crack the entrance exams and grab a seat in the top college. Don't demean your children because remember that their knowledge would take them to higher heights but their degrees won't matter as they age. 

The real key to success in education lies in the way people do well in all spheres of their lives. Yes, it is a personal journey for everyone but education or people involved in the education sector should focus on the holistic development of students rather than only the marks or grades. This will pave the way for more leaders in the economy and society at large to take charge and bring about a change in society.

If people have to overcome their problems in their lives, they need resilience and courage, not just bookish knowledge. They need understanding towards themselves and others, as this will solve the majority of their life's problems. No parent wants their child to fail in exams and neither in life. So, as a parent or an educator, it is your responsibility to help children fix their own ambitions in life and not dictate to them what should be the keys to their success.