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What is Personal Observation as Marketing Strategy?


What is Personal Observation as Marketing Strategy?

Personal Observation is an important marketing strategy to understand how the plan of marketing is being utilized and implemented to achieve the objectives. Personal observation can help to find out if there are any loopholes in the marketing strategy while being planned out, implemented, and analyzed of its outcomes. Personal Observation has been considered as one of the effective ways that decide how far the marketing strategies have done their part in achieving the company’s goals.

For example, if a manager is allotted the task to closely monitor the digital marketing performance of the company’s social media pages like Facebook, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, etc. he will study what trends and what not by observing the number of hits and views on each post and also which post performed well and figure out the reasons behind it and try to chalk out a plan that will work out for other posts to get similar successful results.

Personal Observation will also help reduce costs that get added up to the marketing budgets if the marketing strategies fail and expose to criticism and shame for the company at a maximum level. If the manager keeps a check on the communication – both internal and external, then he can be held liable for maintaining the relationships with all the stakeholders of the company.

For example, while promoting a job post on LinkedIn, a manager failed to read out the comments that were pouring on reviews of how the company’s HR policies fail to acknowledge the right talent and how difficult the work culture is. This led to the company not getting good candidates for its various posts. Thus, personal observation helps cut down such unnecessary backlash from the customers and instead, focuses on building a good rapport between the company and its stakeholders.

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