What is a soft-hearted personality?

EducationWhat is a soft-hearted personality?


A Soft-heart person means he or she is a highly emotional person that makes him get angry, hurt, irritated, frustrated more easily than others on a negative side. Same way on the positive side, a soft-hearted person is one who is kind and good at understanding people’s feelings and emotions. A soft-hearted person can be called empathetic or sympathetic too.

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On the other hand, if a soft-hearted person is wronged to a major extent, he or she can go to any extreme level to express anger and resentment. Having experienced a soft-hearted person’s both good and bad sides, I will tell you that being a friend with a soft-hearted person can come with both pros and cons.

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A woman who is good at studying was disturbed by some classmates who copied her notes and scored good marks in exams better than her. She felt cheated on this act and complained to the teacher who gave them the punishment. When asked why complain when those students could also get more marks like her, she said because she really worked hard to prepare those notes whereas those classmates got the marks with no hard work.

She helped a classmate of hers who had failed a exam with her other notes. When asked why to help the failed student and not those classmates, she said the failed student is weak-minded and not able to cope with the difficulty of the subject. Whereas, those earlier classmates were enjoying the whole day going here and there and copying the notes at the last moment to get good marks, which is cheating.

This is because of her soft heart and moral values that differentiate between the right and wrong acts of kindness and morality, she could go to any extreme level to prove what is wrong and right in life.

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