Top tips to make your Virtual Job interview rocking

 You need to log in to the software program or link 15 minutes in advance to be prepared when the manager appears on your screen for the interview round.
meeting on video call

Virtual job interviews have become quite common in the post coronavirus pandemic world. It is obvious as the threat to life due to a virus has not yet gone and people across all industries are adopting new ways of getting their work done. Social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing hands on a regular basis has become the new norm till the country gets declared a coronavirus-free nation. So, if you are a job seeker who has been preparing for job interviews, here are some ways to nail your virtual job interview in a positive manner.


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1) Check your technology in advance:

If you got a call from your hiring manager or recruiter that your next round of interviews would be a video call, then you need to check these things quite in advance and they are the camera and microphone on your PC or laptop, a software program (such as Google Meet or Zoom) and a stable internet connection. You need to log in to the software program or link 15 minutes in advance to be prepared when the manager appears on your screen for the interview round.

2) Wear formal clothes and keep your setting formal as well:

It becomes very difficult to change your home settings which are usually noisy and messy. But when it comes to giving a virtual job interview, you need to select a place where there will be fewer distractions, and the background that the camera captures should look elegant. Make sure you wear professional attire like a nicely ironed shirt and pants with a tie and suit (if needed). You need to look pleasant and professional even from your remote location and that will define your seriousness and commitment to the job.

3) Research beforehand the most likely interview questions:

Whether you like to hear it or not, the more research and information you collect about the company and be prepared with the answers to the probable questions, your chances of getting hired are more. This comes from the fact that employers like to spend time with prospective employees who are quite interested in their company, quite aware of their qualities and strengths, and are also willing to extend their hours when a challenging time for the company arises.

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4) Be expressive and authentic in your body language, facial expressions:

Recruiters want to hire the ones who are quite honest about who they are. Considering the job interview is virtual through a video or phone call, the chances of an employer understanding you fully through your body language and facial expressions are quite limited. Thus, you need to work hard to set the right tone in your voice and look and behave like a thorough professional when it comes to working and sharing your availability and important details.

5) Follow-up through a professional email:

After the virtual job interview is done, if you haven't heard from your employer about the job opening within a week's time, then you can write a professional email follow-up. Make sure to keep it sweet and simple and avoid any sort of jargon or threats. Your employer doesn't owe you anything including his or her time even if you think your interview has gone well.