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How to detach from your profession to safeguard your mental health


Your profession may be the way of your life. You may think whatever you do in your professional life is what is your true calling and may worship your career like worshipping your God or Goddess. However, things may turn haywire if having a career is the only thing that you do in your life. Just imagine a businessman who thinks about making revenue and profits as the only thing throughout the day and night. Even if your college friend calls you for a tea or coffee at a local restaurant, you ask him or her if they can join you in your profession to make it a success rather than chatting freely about other things in life.

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This is because you forgot to have the “other things” in your life as you joined a profession that is quite demanding, stressful, and even asks you to sacrifice everything in your personal life including having no time for your partner, family, or kids and even friends. If your profession is taking a toll on your mental health, you should immediately seek help rather than waiting to burst out emotionally one fine day.

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You need to learn some tips and tricks that can give you two identities – one that of your profession and the other one that of a person i.e. who you are. Say, for example, if you are an actor who works for 14 hours a day on the sets to play a particular role, you need to be professional during the time when you working but when you hear the word “pack-up”, you should just leave back your profession at the workplace and come back home with a person who is the real you, the one who is evolving every day and the one who is at the end of the day, only a simple human being.

You need to learn to create boundaries when you start getting professional calls at odd times, especially during your work-offs, night-time when you are asleep, and even when you are sick and have taken off to take some rest. Your health should be your priority when you are away from work and that is how it should work. If you ignore your health, remember the negative results will start to emerge in your profession as well. 

You should communicate clearly with your professional managers or employer that the time you are there in the office or at the workplace is what you can give to them. Rest time is yours completely and you owe no explanations if you miss their calls when you are at home watching a favorite serial with your family or just taking a nap. If this methodology is not working, then you need to learn to be resilient and not get distracted from your ME time or family time if your profession demands you to work extra hours or even be ready to come over during odd days or hours of your life. Detaching yourself from the professional self with the real self and also keeping a balance between both lives is the key to long-term success and happiness in life.

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