Tips for avoiding public criticism from your boss

Here are some ways you can make peace with your boss and remove all the negative energies between you both.

meeting at work
Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay

If you and your boss have been at loggerheads all the time, it is the right time now to put a stop to the toxic competition at the workplace. You may want to quit the job because of your boss's constant nagging and criticism that he or she does of you in front of other team members. You may also feel like giving him back a befitting reply or sharing your piece of mind as it is without any filters. However, things may turn worse if you keep these things bothering you all the time, especially your work quality will be the most affected.

Why quit the emotional harassment at the workplace?

Here are some ways you can make peace with your boss and remove all the negative energies between you both.

1) Tell your boss that you would like to take your work feedback in his cabin or at a different place rather than getting publicly humiliated in front of other team members. Tell your boss that you would appreciate it if he keeps his cool whenever he loses it.

What is a good team?

2) If your boss is hell-bent on degrading you in front of others, you can simply walk out of the room and text him to drop you a mail of the rectifications for the work-related errors. You can confide in him when he is in the proper state of mind that you are not doing any intentional errors but the work demands more of your time and energy that makes you make mistakes. You can even write to him that you want that extra working hour or training period for developing the required skills.

3) You can listen to your boss and forget the episode by doing some counseling sessions. Whenever your boss mocks you or insults you in front of others, you can simply smile at his comments and don't negatively react at all. 

4) Even if you don't find any behavioral change in your boss despite being given suggestions to not insult you at the workplace, you can simply speak to your HR or higher authority that you don't feel happy at the workplace with the boss's behavior. 

5) If things persist with you in the same manner, you can put down your papers and serve the notice period. During the notice period, you can search for better jobs where there are no toxic people around you. You can create a better future and manage your work in a better way.

6) Lastly, do not give up if you don't get another job during the notice period. Losing hope is worse than hearing negative comments from your boss. You can simply do your work and remove all the bad thinking that you get at the workplace. You can ignore the comments, reactions, and ratings that you are getting for your work from your boss. You don't have to put your brains to analyze your boss's thinking or stoop to his level by bitching about him. Just leave the place as it is and go with new and intelligent people in your corporate world.