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Things you need to know about a Career in Dubbing


Dubbing artists are one the important people in making a film, content, and video accessible to people having a different language. Just imagine how the top-grossing films of the Southern film industry like the Baahubali series, KGF series, RRR, and Pushpa: The Rise are roaring success at the box office across all industries and even in the worldwide box office for their dubbing versions that are making people admire the performances and content shared through the movies.

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So, if you are someone who is contemplating a career as a dubbing artist, don’t look back as the coming years will see a rise in the requirement of Dubbing artists across all platforms and industries. Even if you are an introvert or are conscious about your looks while you want to make a career in the entertainment industry as a Dubbing Artist, remember no one is going to judge you on the basis of your looks as all it matters to the officials is your voice and how you can express the content through your voice.

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Dubbing artists use engaging techniques to dub the personality of the characters to whom they are giving their voice. People usually used to believe that dubbing is a funny career but remember that the career also has its own advantages because after all, it is your voice that is making the character able to reach out to the audience from a different language. Dubbing artists have multilingual opportunities in a country like India where you will find a different dialect for every state of the same language.

Several huge production houses in the film and television domain have set up their own in-house dubbing departments after seeing the popularity of dubbed films and serials on the television. If you are not keen on television serials or movies, you can even consider giving your voice to documentaries or ad films. There has been a huge scope of dubbing work after the lockdown saw OTT platforms airing most of the dubbed movies getting good ratings and viewership. 

Even the epic serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata which were created a long time back, are now getting their due recognition by being dubbed and aired into several languages not only in India but also in the foreign countries. Earlier, majority of the Hollywood films had a Hindi release be it big or small. However, now even the Kollywood, Mollywood, and Tollywood releases are having Hindi and other Indian and foreign languages versions for getting an increased viewership.

For a career as a dubbing artist, you may or may not opt for professional training. However, the main characteristic of a dubbing artist is that he or she has to know how to lip-sync and voice different characters of various ages and genders. Your voice needs to be clear and also have the correct pronunciation of different languages. You need to deliver the dialogues well by modulating your voice. You can attend a few workshops or certificate or diploma programs before kickstarting your career in the dubbing industry.

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