Things you come across when you start a business

So, here are some things that you wish someone might have told you before starting a business.
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These feelings are full of excitement on some days and on some days, you will feel as if you didn't know that your business journey is going to face some sort of bumps. You will also feel confused about the idea of being a part of the business and may have many mixed emotions when you receive compliments on one side and criticisms on the other. However, you may wonder what if you were informed about these earlier by other businesspersons. So, here are some things that you wish someone might have told you before starting a business.

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1) There is just more work than you expected:

If you have got carried away by the business magazine stories in which entrepreneurs post amazing photoshoots and get clicked for their success stories, remember they worked really hard before reaching there. You may think that you are the boss of your business and can work as per your wish. But that's not completely true. If your client demands you to work odd hours and the paycheck will be credited only after you deliver the work, you will really want to work harder and push yourself beyond your known boundaries. You may feel like quitting because you didn't sign up for this. But remember you have put not just money into your business but also people's hopes that you will become successful.

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2) You will receive more opinions and fewer compliments:

Yes, it is important to practice gratitude and spread positive energy. But on the ground, no one is really that great or kind-hearted. People will clap for you only if you show them the results. And if your business is not giving the desired results for your clients, customers, and even your immediate family members, then be ready to listen to the various opinions that have no relation and even clue about what your business model is all about. You really would have to keep some hours of your days by just listening and not lashing out at them for speaking nonsense. The more you practice patience and tolerance levels, the more you will be able to run your business well (Even if you are not making profits in the initial years).

3) There is nothing consistent except your efforts:

If you think that you are slogging for 14 hours a day and still not getting enough or consistent income from your business model. Then remember that you are not alone. It takes years for businesspeople to understand what works for the customers and what does not. You will have to borrow money if your operations are getting stuck even if your client doesn't pay you on time. You may also have to re-invest in your business model and also show some papers to your bank to lend you money. So, keeping high hopes is one thing, and achieving them, in reality, is another. Don't go by the success mantras of others but create yours only after you taste success and that too again and again.