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Study tips from an IAS officer who cleared IIT, IIM, and UPSC exams

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IAS Divya Mittal is quite a talented woman who has cleared some of the toughest exams in the country. She cracked the entrance tests of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) – and the famous Civil Services Examination (CSE). Recently, Divya took to Twitter to share some advice for students that she followed to stay away from distractions and score fine in the exams.

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Mittal, who is now serving as the DM in Mirzapur agrees to have been distracted while studying just like others. But she took some measures to overcome the issues and developed full focus. Here are her tips explained well.

1) Check your phone usage and apps u spent time on every week. Many times you don’t even know how much time you are wasting on mobile apps.

Mobile apps and smartphones are actually a nuisance. Phone usage can actually take up a lot of time and using apps like Blackout will help block the internet for a period of time. Divya advises students to use that time to study.

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2) Keep your alarm away from the bed and on loud volume.

Divya says that this will make you get up from the bed so that you can switch off the alarm and also make you conscious to not go back to sleep. You will really develop this habit to keep some time for studying.

3) Keep short and focused study sessions.

Divya says that having focused and short study sessions like 90 minutes in 2 hours with 15 minutes break after every session will help you a lot. She advised to use Tratak meditation to improve focus and also listen to Binaural beats. 

4) Good health can go a long way in improving studies.

Divya believes that sound health plays an important role in studies. She suggests exercising outdoors for at least 20 minutes by walking, getting close to nature, going to a park, or sitting or walking. Also, getting some sunlight just for 5-10 minutes will be of some use.

Yes, it is indeed boring to take up the book and study. But you know people who spend a major portion of their time studying or upgrading themselves with relevant information and skills have the ability to perform well in their lives. It will not just help them to have a good career but also keep them engaged in doing productive activities. 

Studies don’t mean you are a bookworm for life. You can use the tool of studies or academics to become what you want in your life. There is no right or wrong time to study, all it matters is how much you are focused and willing to learn. If you have set a goal of 80-90% in your exams, then you need to keep your family members informed about the same so that they can support you well. You can also avoid wasting your time on social media and gossiping with your friends after college hours.


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