Stop seeking advise from others in your career plan

It is not just about the job position or salary package or even having funds for retirement planning.
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career plan has to be unique, based on your own skills, interests, and hobbies. A career is a journey that has to be explored by your own interests and efforts. If you are someone who is known to copy others' ideas during projects in college, and even the career path then I am sure you are not so happy in your job. After all, a career is not just about making a living. It is not just about the job position or salary package or even having funds for retirement planning.

What is Career Transition?

If your relatives or well-wishers come to your home frequently and monitor your career progress by suggesting to you the names of institutions where you can do an XYZ course or apply for jobs in specific companies, then the time has come to stop giving your ear to them. It is not to fail drastically in your career but to design your profession on your own terms and conditions. This will help you to bring about a good change in your life because now when you are thinking about taking up that job or debiting your bank account for a specific course, it will be YOUR OWN CALL and not someone else's.

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Maybe your decision may fail in the initial stage, and maybe you may face backlash for taking a decision without knowing much, but at the end of the day, you will be happy that you did your best. You will understand next time when you take the career decision and be wiser. Wisdom comes with practice and experience. All your experiential learning and wisdom will help you to probably design a profession that will solve the problems that are happening around the globe.

For example, if you are brought up in an environment where there is always emotional abuse and never happiness, then you can study more about counseling and psychology so that people who suffer from mental trauma can reduce their problems and lead better life. If you are used to mimicking others since your childhood, probably you can use your natural talent for good voiceovers in cartoons, movies, and series. 

There are a plethora of career options available in today's times but people still look for conventional careers because they have a financial commitment to feed their family and even improve their standard of living. In case you are someone on whom your entire family depends, go ahead and take that job that your relative is suggesting to you for your family's betterment. But whenever you get time out from the job, make sure to follow your interest or passion.

Slowly and steadily develop your skills in your interest area and come with a unique profession. For example, if you are good at singing but have taken a break from singing in concerts due to your professional commitments, you can think about training small children who live near your home on weekends or training them in online classes. This will help you to stay in touch with your passion and at the same time, make a living as well.