Productive ways to spend your break time at the office

Even if you are working from home, it is necessary that you take time off your laptop or equipment and do something else during regular intervals.

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Break time at the office is usually spent chit-chatting with team members of the same group or other groups or it is spent eating something as snacks or sipping a coffee. Break periods are quite essential if you are working at the office. Even if you are working from home, it is necessary that you take time off your laptop or equipment and do something else during regular intervals.

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If you are really bored with the same routine break-time activity at the office, here are some useful ideas to give you the needed energy during your time away from work.

1) Take up a motivational book or article:

You can increase your positive energy to work better by reading something meaningful and inspiring in your free time. Most of the time what happens in chit-chatting with other team members is that it leads to false news or gossip being spread around in the office because of our unawareness. Instead of being a part of such an unproductive activity, you can take your mobile or a book in your hand and read a chapter that is really encouraging for you. It will eventually help you to focus on your work and personal life better over a period of time.

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2) Take a short walk:

If your job is a desk one, there are chances that you will prefer sitting for the 8 to 10 hours a day of the job. Instead of being fixed on your chair, you can keep moving your body at regular intervals. You can walk inside your office or just go down the stairs, look at the sky and come back to your desk in a span of 5 to 10 minutes. This will help you to get some fresh air and help you spend some time with nature rather than being seated in the closed AC room.

3) Listen to good songs:

If you listen to heartbreaking songs during your break time, there are chances that your brain will rehash all the memories and make you feel sad or negative, thus affecting your work. You can listen to some spiritual songs, some party beats, some soothing ones, and even the ones that are trending in the market. This will keep you lively throughout your work day and also improve your mood levels when you are working.

4) Avoid getting into groups that only know to gossip:

If your teammates or members from other teams are apprehensive about their salaries or workload and use the break time to just bitch about the manager or boss, make sure you get rid of such groups. What happens is even if you are not part of the conversation and are just listening, there are still chances that your manager or boss may think you agree with the gossip mongers, thus affecting your chances of getting promoted or salary increment.

Don't work during your break time, please. Even if there is a heavy workload, you can still ask your manager or leader to give you a break for short periods just so that you have improved focus and energy while you come back to the desk to complete your work.