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Make a career in humanity, lots of work to do!


Make a career in humanity, lots of work to do!

An old man was walking with his grandson when he’s 15 years old grandson complained of how he gets bullied by his classmates who get good grades and how his parents compare him with other children. The grandson shared how he just doesn’t know what career he wants to get into but his friends are all quite prepared to appear for their further exams and enroll for further studies and get into lucrative jobs.

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The grandson worriedly asked his grandfather if not having clarity is a sin and not fitting in the rat race that people are following is a bad idea? He asked if he is unable to fit into a particular career as his thoughts and ideas don’t match with the conventional degrees of engineering, medicine, commerce, arts, why is that a debate in their house all the time? The old man listened to all the problems of his small child and smiled at him.

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Confused with his smile, the grandson asked his grandfather to guide him on what he should do in his life to get validation from his parents, school friends, etc? The old man replied that he doesn’t need to do anything to please anyone anymore. He told him to look at the environment around him where people nowadays are crying for food, clothing, shelter, education due to the pandemic times. He said that we have had enough professionals in different spheres and now we need more people to work in the field of humanities where humans are being understood, heard, appreciated for their efforts and their journey in life.

A lot of work has to be done in the humanity sector wherein people are now only living in the feelings of grudge, jealousy, hatred, revenge and rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer, middle-class is taking life only day by day. Human life is suffering a lot, let’s all try our level best to live each day happier than planning and worrying unnecessarily. The old man concluded by saying, ask yourself what you want to do really in life to make humanity bearable and you will get the answer of your career.

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